Happy Birthday Mum!

Happy Birthday Mum!

Thank you for allowing me to slide out of your lady parts naked and giving birth to me, it really is the closest two people can be!

Sorry I gross you out, and for the fighting, and for bossing you around and forgetting I’m not the Mother in our relationship so often.

Most of all thank you for being there, I love you (gross I know), you’re the only one that has been there all along, and I get it, it would have been much easier to walk away at times, I make it hard loving me.

It’s hard to believe you’re half a century old, you’re pretty freaking ancient(makes me feel old), 50 years old! It’s been a ride, from your overbearing Motherly years, where I had everything a child could dream of and was spoilt rotten. To my pre-teen/teen years, full of food/water/spray paint fights, drunken wrestling in hotel car parks until they called the cops on us, thinking we were seriously beating on each other, or even the simple things like getting drunk and watching foreign shows on mute and making our own story-lines for hours until we were crying with laughter. The tales I could tell from that chapter of my life, we had some fun in between the chaos. To the Harley years where you really came into your own as a person.

These past couple years watching you with Link have really made me excited for this next chapter, to watch you become a Grandma/Nana to Baby Lind. You’re going to be amazing, and Baby Lind is going to be lucky to have you, I really do hope he gives you hell though, he wouldn’t be my child if he didn’t.

Happy 50th you old cow Suzie, I love you!

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